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BEN JUD, also known as ‚THE SINGING BASSIST‘ is a self made artist from Berlin (GER) and Los Angeles (USA). 

After years of intense touring, studio work and supporting many artists (e.g. the very successful YouTube Band around guitar shooting star Martin Miller with beyond 60M+ views) with his talents, BEN went ‚all-in‘ on his solo career. As a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and producer he’s capable of doing all the individual parts that come along with producing original music. His style of music lives between Pop and Blues, and is usually driven by intense bass grooves. His unique style of playing bass always sticks out and gives his music a very personal touch. 


BEN’s latest releases 'Hope EP' as well as 2 singles (Me Myself and I & Problems) are now available on any streaming service and are featured in a large number of playlists all around the globe. „My main goal is to give hope to those in need, including myself“, is what BEN said about this record. And it’s exactly that: A hopeful piece of art, with encouraging messages, motivating emotions and brutally honest lyrics. 


His emotional and deep voice transport positivity and kindness through intense lyrics. "Music is healing, and it always will be. I use music to heal myself, and just hope to inspire and motivate my listeners along the way. If there’s only one listener, who truly feels inspired by me, that truly is my highest reward“. 


BEN is one of the most passionate live musicians on the planet.

His joy while playing music is both audible, truly visible for ANYONE and highly contagious. That’s what makes concerts of BEN so much fun and memorable. 


Brighter Days

Slow Dancing In A Burning Room feat. Josh Smith


· Keys on Chance the Rapper's #1 hit "No Problem"

· Keys on a Rosalia song from her next record

· Keys with Meshell Ndegeocello (James Baldwin Project)

· Main writing partner and bandmate of Nick Hakim

· Part of Bilal's band for 3 years

· Bass with Benny Sings on two US tours

· Track featuring Emily King

· Keys in Andrew Bird's band

· Opened for acts like Louis Cole, Knower and many more...

· Youtube videos with Jacob Collier, Larry Goldings, Ralph Peterson Jr.

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